Whether virtual or face to face, FitTeach™ is committed to delivering workshops that help educators stay resilient throughout the school year and beyond the classroom.  

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Put Your Oxygen Mask on First in Order to Fly High and Serve Others

Now more than ever the health and wellness of educators is a top priority. FitTeach™ workshops are designed to bring awareness to the importance of self-care and its connection to social emotional learning competencies. Each workshop is focused on helping to boost resilience and improve school culture.
In this introductory FitTeach™ workshop, Put Your Oxygen Mask on First to Fly High and Serve Others, educators learn easy ways to daily implement self-care practices so that they can reduce stress, overwhelm, and prevent burnout.

In this 90 minute introductory workshop educators will:
1-Understand what true self-care is and its connection to being a high performance educator.
2-Learn about resources, tools, and tips that will help them boost resilience and become great examples of what self-care looks like for their students and school community.
3-Create a FitTeach Self-care Plan™ that can be implemented immediately so they can boost resilience and be the high performing (fly high) educator they are designed to be.

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