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Whether virtual or face to face, FITTeach™ is committed to delivering workshops that help educators stay resilient throughout the school year and beyond the classroom.  Here are a few of our popular workshops below!

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Educator, Put Your Oxygen Mask on First Before Serving  Others

Now more than ever the health and wellness of educators is a top priority. FitTeach™ workshops are designed to bring awareness to the importance of self-care and its connection to social emotional learning competencies. Each workshop is focused on helping to boost resilience and improve school culture.

This introductory FitTeach™ workshop, Educator, Put Your Oxygen Mask on First Before Serving Others, is designed to focus on the critical importance of educators implementing daily self-care practices and the positive impact it has on their mental health and wellness. Additionally, a correlation will be made between educator wellness, the Self-Management social emotional learning competency and students' overall achievement.

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From Stress to Success: The Role of Nutrition in Elevating Educator Performance

In this session, educators will delve into the powerful impact that food choices have on both their overall well-being and their ability to serve themselves and their students to the best of their abilities. They will gain a comprehensive understanding of five powerful practices that can be easily implemented to elevate eating habits and feel better in every aspect of their life.

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Fit2Teach: Balancing Health and Hustle - Strategies for Integrating Fitness as a Busy Educator

This workshop provides educators with practical strategies to weave fitness into their demanding

lifestyles. Learn how to navigate the whirlwind of your workday while maintaining a strong focus on

health, wellness, and self-care. Transform your routine and enhance your well-being by integrating

fitness into your lifestyle. After all, a fit educator is an empowered educator!  

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The Power of a Pause:  Strategies that Help Reduce Educator Stress and Boost Resilience

In this session educators learn how to take moments throughout the day to PAUSE and practice mindfulness.  Practicing mindfulness can help relax the mind and body and reduce stress.  In this workshop participants will also learn how to get students involved in learning how to PAUSE. 

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Black History Month's History Around a Meal

Teachers, parents, and students will love this interactive virtual cooking event where families come together in the kitchen to cook and learn about traditional African American foods.  This intriguing highly engaging workshop is one that all will enjoy.  Come learn, cook, and eat!

This workshop is also available outside of Black History Month.

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