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Whether virtual or face to face, FitTeach™ is committed to delivering workshops that help educators stay resilient throughout the school year and beyond the classroom.  

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Dear Educator, Put Your Oxygen Mask on First in Order to Fly High and Serve Others (Prerequisite to all workshops except "Let's Eat Healthy Together")

Now more than ever the health and wellness of educators is a top priority. FitTeach™ workshops are designed to bring awareness to the importance of self-care and its connection to social emotional learning competencies. Each workshop is focused on helping to boost resilience and improve school culture.

In this introductory FitTeach™ workshop, Put Your Oxygen Mask on First:  Prioritizing Your Self-care So You Can Serve at Your Best, educators learn easy ways to daily implement self-care practices so that they can reduce stress, overwhelm, and prevent burnout.

In this 90 minute introductory workshop educators will:
1-Understand what true self-care is and its connection to being a high performance educator.
2-Learn about resources, tools, and tips that will help them boost resilience and become great examples of what self-care looks like for their students and school community.
3-Create a FitTeach Self-care Plan™ that can be implemented immediately so they can boost resilience and be the high performing (fly high) educator they are designed to be.

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Food is Your Superpower: Healthy Meals that Improve How You Feel

Participants will enjoy this 90 minute workshop/cooking class where they will learn about how to start or maintain on their health and wellness journey.  Food is your superpower!  Oftentimes, educators are busy and they grab and eat on the go.  Food choices can have a great impact on you feel and your ability to serve self and students well.  In this workshop educators will learn easy ways to not only choose healthier options but options that will improve their mood and help combat stress so that they can serve students at optimum levels.  The best part of all...this workshop includes a cooking demo!  

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The Fit Educator:  5 Easy Ways to Stay Fit and Improve How YOU Show up for Your Students

Do you often hear this from your staff or do you feel this way... "I'm so tired."  "I don’t have enough time in the day to get fitness in too?"  "I don't have the energy do anything.""I'm too exhausted to think creatively today."  In this workshop the facilitator shares how creating a weekly fitness routine can help reduce stress, improve mood, increase energy, shed pounds, and improve how you serve your students.  Participants will also learn how they can help their students join in on the fun and make them great accountability partners.

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The Power of a Pause:  Mindfulness Practices for Educators and the Students

In this session educators learn how to take moments throughout the day to PAUSE and practice mindfulness.  Practicing mindfulness can help relax the mind and body and reduce stress.  In this workshop participants will also learn how to get students involved in learning how to PAUSE. 

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Let’s Eat Healthy Together!  Easy Healthy Meals for the Entire Family

Teachers, parents, and students will love this interactive workshop designed to bring the school community together through cooking.  During these uncertain times it is imperative that we all stay safe and eat healthy.  During this workshop participants will not only learn about healthy foods that taste yummy but will also have the opportunity to cook alongside the facilitator.  What a great way to build positive home - school relations!  

Let’s eat healthy together!

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